LED Lighting !! Best Quality Guaranteed - $20 (Free Shipping on 10+)

My LED Fixtures Are Higher Quality And Have More Light Output. Don’t Fall For Others Outrageous Warranty / Quality Claims. V-Shape Lights Are Made For Cooler Doors. Not Open Space Lighting. I Have Been In The Business Long Before Them. Just Look At My Customers Testimonials. You Will Be Well Taken Care Of.

There are competitors that use MY customers pictures and now even my own words but sell a far inferior product and make false claims about their lights and business.

I have a Commercial Warehouse in Appleton, WI and I will put my lights up against any other 4ft-8ft lights on the market and be confident in the fact that they will outperform the competition.

I Have High Quality Brand New 4ft-8ft LED Lights. 3 Year Warranty. Less Than 2 Year Return on Investment Compared to Fluorescent Equivalent. 50,000 Hour Life Expectancy. -40 to 140 Degree Operating Temperature. CE Listed.

DUAL ROW LEDs $25ea.
5000K Daylight Color
AC100-277v 3000 Lumens 180Degree Beam Angle

5000K Daylight Color
AC100-277v 2200 Lumens 180Degree Beam Angle

8ft 6000 Lumen Fixtures $40ea. Up to 3 week lead time.

Lowers electricity consumption which will save you money Instantly.

Great for Garage, Workshop or Business.

You can connect up to 8 tubes end-to-end or use the 12" or 45" connectors to turn corner or extend your straight run even further.

These are very easy to install and included with each fixture is a 12" connecting cord which can also be used for hardwiring, a 1" flush connector, 2 mounting clips with screws and a 4ft 3-Prong wall plug cord is included with every 6.

2ft 3-Prong Wall Plug Cords - $4ea.
4ft 3-Prong Wall Plug Cords - $5ea.
6.5ft 3-Prong Wall Plug Cords - $6ea.
20" Connecting Cords - $2ea.
45" Connecting Cords - $3ea.
6.5' Connecting Cords - $4ea.

Pictures are of these lights installed in a Garage, Workshop and Business. Also great for Pole Barns , Basements , Closet or anywhere else you want light.

Also have LED Grow Light Tubes $30ea.
Any other LED light available upon request. Will need at least a 3 week lead time.

PayPal/Credit/Debit Cards Accepted.
Tracked Shipping.

Please call, text or email if interested. Thanks

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